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Choosing a name is building a destiny …

The story goes that a French fashion designer named his eldest son “Franck” to instill in him a taste for freedom, and his younger son “Olivier” so that he would grow up cultivating strength and resilience. He was keen to pass on strong values ​​to future generations.

Himself the grandson of a weaver for the Haute-Couture Houses, he will start his entrepreneurial adventure by giving his brand the first names of his children.

His creations will be odes to the freedom and inner power that lie dormant in us. Franck Olivier was born.
In the 1960s, he stood out with his dynamic, light and vibrant fashion. In this spirit, the silk blouse becomes the breadcrumb trail of its collections. Bright colors, airy materials, easy to wear … Synonymous withfreedom and liveliness, this piece alone embodies the values ​​of Franck Olivier. But, a visionary, the successful couturier sees new horizons …

It was during his travels in France, looking for the perfect materials for his fashion designs, that he took a detour through the flower cultures of Provence and had a revelation.

The olfactory world is the place of all encounters and all daring, it is there that he will be able to satisfy his thirst for freedom and energy!
He then gave himself the mission of transcribing the ardor of a fashion collection in wake for modern women.

In 1993, Franck Olivier inaugurated his first olfactory creation in an iconic shell-shaped setting.
It is conceived as a nod to its values: a juice that shakes up the codes, like a woman in love with independence.
Even today, Franck Olivier is the legacy of a familythat dreamed of its future while remaining anchored in the present, without ever forgetting its history …