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Pure Collection


A bottle with graphic and colorful lines that catches the eye and hypnotizes. Overhung by a wood-effect hood that underlines its luxurious appearance, no one remains indifferent.

Seashell perfume Franck Olivier


A seashell setting, a complex shape that crosses the ages to tell us the story of a free and independent woman. Strength and daring have found their anchor.

Seashell perfume Franck Olivier


A sleek bottle, easy to hold thanks to their square shape decorated with an olive tree. This tree from Provence pays homage to wood, to nature, to the desire for freedom. Sensual and mysterious perfumes, promises of love…

Seashell perfume Franck Olivier


A bottle similar to a work of art: generous curves, cap in the shape of an enchanting raindrop, all enhanced by a ribbon bow to signify a precious object.

Seashell perfume Franck Olivier


In a long, rounded bottle that evokes the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, this collection of sparkling concentrate arouses the senses in a warm, playful, luminous breath.

Seashell perfume Franck Olivier


A luxurious collection embodied in a bottle that combines modernity and know-how. A sulphurous beauty that stirs the passion of the crowd, the remarkable essence of a singular woman.

Seashell perfume Franck Olivier


A bottle stamped with patterns calling to mind our dreams and aspirations. Passion lives in each of us, we just need to wake up the flame and let it guide us towards greater things.

Seashell perfume Franck Olivier


Nature in its simplest guise, an offer to escape that cannot be refused. A silver, minimalist bottle decorated with a bamboo branch that reminds us of its attachment to the world.

Seashell perfume Franck Olivier


A bottle designed like the sea: at its heart, a seashell basks on the sand, while its engraved cap is like the sun setting on the horizon. The opportunity to reinvent yourself every day.